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How to choose the right size?

It needs to look out at the following details:

  • Neck measurement
  • Sleeve length
  • Abdomen width

 It is important to know exactly your measures and something more – to use them! The circumference of the neck and sleeve length is the key to whether a shirt will look good. If the collar is too loose or too tight that hardly breathe, it's time to choose the exact size!

The most important thing is to feel comfortable. Although "comfortable" is a stretchy term, here are some guidelines:

  • Make sure you place one finger between the collar and neck. If you loosely can thrust two fingers, the collar of the shirt is too wide (shirt must be buttoned up the last button).
  • The sleeves should be long enough, but leave not more than 2 cm fabric when outstretched arms.
  • Leave some space no more than 2-3 cm around the chest and waist. 

What kind of collar you choose for your shirt?

The purpose of the collar is to balance face shape and give it a rounded appearance. The collar is the most visible part of the shirt as it is the closest part of the shirt to the face. To a great extent collar determines style and level of formality of a shirt. Once you consider this fact carefully select the type of collar.

  • Narrowed collar

It is the most popular type of collar on the market perhaps 90% of all shirts has a similar collar. In this type the collar is brought together. The advantage of this style is that it draws the eye down, elongating the face. In short, it creates the illusion that a round face looks prolonged.If the height of your face is small, this type of collar is perfect for you. Narrowed collar creates the illusion of length.  

  • Spread collar

The second type of collar is – spread and displays more of the top of the shirt. As a rule, a shirt is with a wide collar if the angle is equal to or greater than 90 degrees. Spread collars are excellent for all young people who have medium to long shaped faces. If you have a prolonged face, this type of collar will balance your features, giving a more beautiful and symmetric appearance of the face. 

What is the ideal material for a shirt?

With both hands, cotton! Cotton is used to make high-quality shirts from their very inception. And not coincidentally, cotton has all the necessary qualities which any garment that is close to the body needs. Cotton allows the skin to breathe and brings moisture. It is durable, and last but not least, it is soft to the touch. Cotton is convenient for maintenance and ironed easily. Remember, most-good choice of fabric for formal shirt is always the cotton! Indeed, it is more expensive but worth the investment. However, for every stylish man – the shirt is the second skin. Let it be comfortable and soft. We hope you have learned the most important elements to look great - size, type of collar and fabric.

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