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FREE DELIVERY   For orders via standard post service

£33 or £60 + £15 DISCOUNT for 3+ products



In this site, we deliver orders only for the United Kingdom.

Free delivery for all orders via standard post service within 5-20 working days.

Delivery via TNT within 1-2 working days:

                                            1(one) item -      £17 (VAT included)

                                            3(three) items -  £22 (VAT included)

                                            5(five) items -     £25 (VAT included)

Your order will be sent to the next working day after positioning your order through our website.

Delivery timescales are guidelines given to us from our courier/postal partners. However on occasions due to weather, bank holidays, custom checks etc., this delivery times can get extended.

When transporting your order, we will email you a tracking number, by which at any moment you will know where your parcel is.